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Our customers are our best sales people.

Document-systerm-2 Testimonials about how OPTISOURCE streamlined their business.

Because of our clients value the confidentiality they receive from OTI, we never reveal the names of our customers. However, these are real testimonials from big-name companies that you would easily recognize. When you talk to us personally, we can provide references upon request!

"We have asked OTI to develop many new applications for us over the years, and they have always met our requirements and deadlines without delays. They have a very solid technical and dedicated staff and they make sure that their customers are successful."

Sports Vehicle Manufacturer

"OTI met every deadline we asked of them and delivered our data in a new format without a hitch and on time. Without their support and expertise, our upgrade would have been delayed."

Information Technology Firm

"We have sent tens of thousands of documents to OTI from areas all round the globe. OTI has proven well equipped to process these large volumes efficiently and accurately. Their on-line document access system has provided us with the ability to recall any of the documents quickly and easily."

Entertainment Company

"OTI is the vendor that we have entrusted to scan and digitally store all of our documents. Their staff has proven time and again to be expert."

Financial Services Company

"When our Accounting Department approached us for a document management solution, I conducted a comprehensive review of all of the products and services on the market that could digitize our forms and provide a secure, simple-to-use web-based retrieval interface.? The OPTISOURCE solution was by far the most flexible and cost-effective, and their team worked side-by-side with our staff to quickly implement the new system.? OTI was very responsive to our complex requirements, and they were always available to assist us in optimizing our use of the system.? I was pleased to present OTI with our 200? IT Supplier of the Year Award for their outstanding contributions to our cost-savings and productivity goals, as well as for their excellent customer service.? OTI has truly been a valued IT partner for Volt.

Temporary Staffing Firm