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How it works

It's as easy (and secure) as 1 - 2 - 3. 123BlocksThe OPTISOURCE process ensures safety and security.



If something goes wrong, we are the lifesaver for your files. We secure your business files with on-site and off-site backups offered through OTI's disaster recovery and support. This ensures that all raw and processed data and images are saved in a secure location.

For added safety, redundant web hosting servers are also housed at multiple secure locations. OTI offers you durability, portability, and immunity against data destruction.

OPTISOURCE is secure.

Independent auditors agree we're as secure as they come. Optisource passes independent inspections for security compliance and has met all government and regulatory security standards required for secure document solutions. From the moment we receive your documents through the image retrieval process, we utilize extensive safeguards to secure your business records and keep them confidential.

All work is performed in our secured and monitored premises and all employees are subject to pre-hiring background checks. Audit logs identify who handles every document and at what time. Your important business documents remain secure and confidential as OTI’s supervisors and management enforce a strict security policy.

OPTISOURCE is easy to use.

OTI supports every client so we become part of your team: our knowledgeable and friendly support staff is also available to help your company managed backlogged files, overflow, active files, or one-time projects in a digital environment. We offer complete imaging services and solutions, disaster recovery, and comprehensive support to make your business more diversified and secure.

OTI’s easy to use online retrieval system allows easy access locally and immediately from the Web. Clients with security access rights can have instant 24x7 access to authorized documents, along with the ability to: search for and view, annotate, print, fax and email from any location with internet access! OTI’s indexing system makes it simple to search and retrieve files immediately.

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