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Document-system-4Q. What are the benefits of document imaging?

A. Numerous benefits include:

Q. How are imaged documents recalled for use?

A. The image retrieval system organizes documents for easy retrieval. Authorized employees, customers, and suppliers can retrieve data immediately from any location with internet access 24x7.

Q. What is the upfront cost?
A. There is no initial capital expenditure. OTI clients can budget and control costs with one flat pricing per page. With OTI as your imaging expert, you will not pay for hardware or system maintenance, and you can eliminate the cost of storage space for your paper documents.

Q. How will document imaging affect my bottom line?
A. Enhanced cost control and budgeting Pay just one low, flat fee per page, giving you complete budget control with no unexpected costs No long-term contract Streamline operations to cut overhead and operational costs

Q. A cookie-cutter approach will not meet the unique needs of my business. How can OTI solve my problems?
A. Rather than offering one standard solution, OTI creates customized, low-cost document management solutions for seamless integration with your unique business process. This creates a competitive advantage for your business.

Q. How long is the start-up period?
A. In just two meetings OTI learns about your business-specific documents, and then shows you exactly what you can expect to receive. This quickly creates a mutual understanding before we implement your document management system that includes a predictable turn around schedule.

Q. How secure is digital imaging?
A. OTI’s imaging systems meet government and regulatory security standards required to image documents for government agencies, the aerospace and defense industry, credit industry, and businesses subject to HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

Q. What types of documents are easily imaged?
A. Any document can be imaged – from handwritten notes on paper scraps to large format drawings, photos, color documents or black/white. Imaging is appropriate for any document that must be retained for future use or referral. Typical applications include contracts, invoices, reports, drawings, HR files, project files, legal files, medical files, real estate and finance records.