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Our low cost, secure process results in saved time, increased savings and peace of mind for your finance, operations and technology departments.

green-office-small The CTO
Guarantees backing up important files for disaster recovery. Delivers timely and accurate indexing of imaged documents.Enables easy access through a secure online retrieval system.

Satisfies government and regulatory security standards for document imaging. Protects the confidentiality of your information. Improves quality control of important documents. Streamlines your business processes.

Decreases overhead and operational costs. Improves productivity by reducing the time and expense of retrieving files. Increases long-term savings of file storage.

Benefits for the COO

Secured document repository
Secure your documents for confidentiality. OTI offers a completely secure solution, including our processes, facilities, and systems. From the moment we receive your documents through the image retrieval process, we utilize extensive safeguards to secure your business records. Rigorous quality control
OTI’s rigorous QC protocol ensures the highest service delivery standards of your mission critical documents. Our Quality Control processes are second to none, and ensure that you will receive the highest levels of indexing accuracy and image quality, at 99.9% or better.

Reduced overhead and operational costs
OTI will maximize your business productivity and cut operational costs of scanning important business documents, indexing, and retrieving them. Our expertise streamlines client operations to cut overhead costs. We can deliver a web-based data archiving and networking solution with a single point of access, or interface with your existing systems.

Improved business processes
When OTI becomes an extension of your business, you will save time and money. Eliminate time-consuming research chores, reduce paper storage space, and minimize the cost of continuously upgrading hardware and software, as well as maintenance and supplies.

OTI’s highly-skilled, professional staff is an asset to any organization. With very short lead time, OTI can help your company manage backlogged files, overflow, active files, or one-time projects in a digital environment. OTI provides the power to immediately access documents from any PC.

Benefits for the CFO

Satisfies security standards
OTI has met government and regulatory security standards required to image documents for government agencies, the aerospace and defense industry, credit industry, and businesses subject to HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

Lower overhead and operational costs
OTI will maximize your business productivity and eliminate the time and significant expense of search and retrieval of important documents. With OTI you can avoid time-consuming manual searches and wasted hours searching for warehoused documents.

Increase savings by decreasing storage space
OTI's easy to use online retrieval system increases long-term savings by eliminating the cost of storage space. With OTI as your imaging expert, you will not pay for hardware or system maintenance, and you can eliminate the cost of storage space for your paper documents.

Rather than finding ways for your company to spend money, our goal is to find immediate and long-term savings to enhance your bottom line. With our proven record of excellence and customer service, our references speak for themselves.

Benefits for the CTO

Secure Backup and Recovery
Secure your business files with on-site and off-site backups offer through OTI’s disaster recovery and support, which ensures the security of all raw and processed data and images. OTI offers durability, portability, and immunity against data destruction.

Delivers Timely and Accurate Indexing.
OTI will maximize your business productivity by delivering timely and accurate indexing of imaged documents. Our image retrieval system organizes documents and makes them easy to retrieve by authorized users, including employees, customers, and suppliers - that you designate. OTI makes documents globally available to authorized users 24x7.

Easy to Use Online Retrieval System
OTI’s easy to use online retrieval system allows immediate access locally and from the Web. Digital document imaging and online retrieval empowers any business dealing with large volumes of paper documents. OTI’s secure online image retrieval system is simple to use because it was designed by end users for end users. It offers power and flexibility, without complexity.